Tomato tomata..

Tomato Tomata i say because you guys should see my skin color right now.. Oh boy oh boy, i am red as an tomato.. 🙂

Acapulco, man im in love with this place and everything that comes with it 🙂

Been here three days now and my god, time has really flown, and,i’ve been having such a good time 🙂

Of course i found a fitness center, right next to my hostel, a cool little place, and the owner is apperantly fitness champion in Mexico and has been for years, i have to show you guys a pic from there, its so funny 🙂

So, people have been so nice and hospitality, its been unbelievable.

I’ve met bunch of people and done SO many things in just one day, today i met up with some cool locals, and we went out scuba diving, after that i did some real diving, with a tank and the hole thing.. WOW it was amazing, i really love it.
There was no fear in me, luckily, i just loved every moment of it 🙂 unfortunately i dont have any pics from it to show you guys here, i got them all burned on a cd and my notebook dosent have a drive, but there will be more diving done on this trip, so youll get photos of that later 😉
But youll get one of Acapulco

Another HUGE thing this girl did today… you better just take a look at it.. 😉

And these guys were funny as hell 🙂

Yepp paragliding was AWSOME.. not my last time, definitely not.
So two big things in one day, plus in the evening i hang out with this gang right here

🙂 The best gang Acapulco has to offer, these guys were amazing and so fun to hang out with.
People here are really nice and friendly, and they are inviting.
Later that night i went sea swimming with couple of them, into the waves. It was pitch black and you couldnt see alot, just hear the sea, that was such an experience, my god.. Wish i could have taken pictures of that, and what a rush 😉 the waves were huge and strong, but i had these guys taeching me how to swim into the waves and looking after me .

So now i have difficulties leaving this place, mainly because of the city itself. the heat, the beach, the people, the care free atmosphere, and because its fairly cheap to stay and be here.. 🙂

But i knew this could happen , so i have decited to stay one more day, so ill be leaving thursday night instead of tomorrow, ill be taking the night bus and will be arriving at Puerto Escondido friday morning..
Have to get going, but god, ill miss this place, and the wonderful people, they’ve made such a good impression on me, the language, the music.. Its all so exotic and fulfilling.
I ended my evening in beeing invited to a beach event thing, we were not many but i was the only turist there, there were only locals, i felt privileged to be there and being apart of the night, there was food, spanish music played on guitar and laughter.. I will end this blog by giving you this picture here and say to you all Buenas noches 🙂

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4 Responses to Tomato tomata..

  1. Helga María says:

    Bjútífúl! Las í dag soldið flott… Getting lost will help you find yourself! Sem er soldið það sem þú ert að gera, þvílíka ævintýrið… yndislegt að fylgjast með þér! Knús á þig og farðu líka varlega! 😉

  2. Soley says:

    Wish i was there! 🙂 Paragliding..loooovely 😉 List mer vel a thig stulkukind 😉 Knus a tig fra mer 🙂

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