Loco in Acapulco !

Thought the headline of my blog was very fitting 🙂
After 3 hour flight from LA

And a 9 and a half hour waiting time at the Mexico City Airport, i was finally on my way to Acapulco 🙂

And wow, what a view, its just like all the pictures you see from Acapulco, tropical, palmtrees, a little Cuban a little Thai kinda place.

The cops are everywhere! Just like i had heard.
Everybody speak Spanish, and when you say, I dont speak spanish, English ! Then they answer you back in spanish 🙂 kinda funny, but people are very friendly over here.

Got a little bit shocked when i saw my hostel.. But since when do backpackers live luxurious lifes, so ill throw in a photo of the horror .. 😉

Not that bad really, i have the room for myself, and there are some backpackers in the other rooms here, so not compleatly alone 😉

Otherwise been kinda strange not having a travelpartner anymore, but the girl’s gotta try it out on her own .

Though ive noticed beeing blond Europian in this country, travelling alone attracts attention. But im not telling people im alone if they ask, that would be like welcoming all kinds of hustle.

Only been in Acapulco for 10 hours now , so far walked the beach as far as i could for some hours

And they are fierce at some parts of the beach in selling people things,the sellers.  It was worse then some of these turistie beacheas ive been at in Thailand, so i want to keep the smile up and say no thank you in a polite manner, but when you are literally beeing bombed down by sellers every step you take, it stops beeing no thank you in a polite manner over to plain and simple NO..  🙂

But i am not known for having alot of patience, so that might be one of the things im supposed to learn during this year away, travelling, PATIENCE 🙂

Feel like im beeing tested with all this airport waiting, hanging around.. Oh well, at least  im not in lack of time.

Other then that i havent really planned alot, but im staying here two more days at least and then off to Puerto Escondido.

So was thinking about taking this one hour trip from Acapulco to a place called Tehuacalco, they have some old ruins there that they just discovered and opened up for publik in 2008, they also have a sacret temple there that i want to see 🙂

There are some interesting walks here to that ill be planning and doing on my own, otherwise it would feel way too turistie 🙂 And im thinking about going to see this show they have with cliff divers. Apparently its a must see kinda thing.

Well peepz, dont want to miss the Acapulco Sunset 🙂 Later

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2 Responses to Loco in Acapulco !

  1. Hey Védís,

    finally I visited your blog and could not stop reading it! It’s an awesome way to share your experiences with us! About ten years back, I visited Mexico. I had a great time visiting lots of ruins, drinking Mezcal and Tequila, trying out exotic food as well as swimming/relaxing in some of the most awesome places I have ever seen!

    I hope you get the experiences you hope for!

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