Homeless in LA!

So, been in LA , Santa Monica now for two days. Have to admit i havent been doing alot, at all.

Drained from energy, again.
I think it happens because im experiencing so many things at a short time, so im having hard time to keep up with myself, absorbing it all if that makes any sence 😉

But here i am, in LA.

Haven’t taken that many photos here, but the weather hasnt been that great either .
I guess ive started to get used to the Nevada heat whitch was 39 degrees down to 25 degrees in LA.. and foggy, hasnt been that great, so Venice Beach has not been so appealing to me in this weather, but ive been down to Golds Gym to train 😉
Without a doubt the coolest Golds Gym ive been to so far, and ive tried few of them.

But my last day here is tomorrow and im planning on going to Hollywood to look at the stars 😉 and check out Venice Beach again.

I went out to get some of my clothes washed at a laundry today, met a nice woman in there, she was washing some of her clothes to.

While we were waiting she started up a conversation with me.
Turned out she’s homeless, and she was washing her whole wordrobe in one of the machines, whitch was three pairs of everything..
Three pairs.. We live such a luxurious lifes, where we have too many chlotes to toss around, not only that but she told me that homelss people in LA got 200 dollars to live of per month.

She wasn’t after my money though, and i gave her none, we had the nicest talk and i felt for her.
Shes been sick and i knew that healtcare in USA is outrageous but it was heartbreaking to hear what she had to say about her sickness and the way she had been treated, basicly people have to afford beiing sick here otherwise, well otherwise you have to be lucky.
Anyways, that was a nice lady and a good talk.

Today i booked my flight from Mexico City to Acapulco 🙂
So, going over there on saturday, and booked a cheap hostel thats in the middle of everything over there.

So im looking forward to that 🙂 after that im heading to a town called Puerto Escondido, there i can take my dive license and they have ancient ruins over there that are interesting to look at .
Therafter im heading off to Oaxaca whitch is also a historical cool little place and after that i will go to Cancun, Cozumel ( the diving is supposed to be awsome over there ) 😉 and Playa Del Carmen as my last stop in Mexico, good that thats all settled.
Havent decided for how long ill stop at these places, but no worries,  this girl has got some time to burn 😉

So last day here tomorrow whitch ill try and use wisely.
I did so with this evening, i have Danish friends that are here in LA that were to Olympia also, we went out eating and said good bye. That was hard, ill miss my girls 😉
They look sane, dont they!

And of course she had to flex … 😉

Well folks, i guess ill write from Mexico next time 🙂 Adios

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2 Responses to Homeless in LA!

  1. Iris Diljá says:

    sounds sooooooooo gooooood the whole thing omg…..fardu vel med sjálfan thig og uppliftu masser:O) sakni sakn!!!!!!

  2. vedisfonn says:

    Takk esskan, me miss you to.. og alla k-unnana m-ina 😦 fardu vel med ta alla tangad til eg kem heim aftur 😉 knus

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