Cruzing through Nevada and Arizona

So, we left Las Vegas yesterday and drove straight to Red Rocks Canyon whitch is in the desert, whitch is by the way so freakin hot, its unbelievable but im not complaining at all, im loving the heat.
Ill throw in a picture of couple of hooligans, we look pretty normal, dont we! … 😉

Have to admit, when two friends travel together for over two weeks, they get weird.. 🙂 we`ve been having alot of fun on this trip, we`ve laughed alot, and thats just what the doctor subscribed 😉

Besides the heat out in the desert, the Red Rocks Canyon was pretty cool to look at, and we climbed there a little bit, and we had been worned at the Red Rocks info, about : Snakes, Scorpions and tarantule…!
I hardly have to tell you what i was thinking about climbing those rocks..

After the Red Rocks, we drowe down to Death Valley.
What a place. what a nature.. That was one of these breathtaking moments i had going through that Valley.

But then again, the pictures dont do natures beautiful justice.

After Death Valley, we had to go and find a hotel/ motel to stay at.. So we drove into next town, in the middle of the night where we saw NOTHING, not a light, not a life and then all of a sudden..
A Casino motel.. Nothing else 🙂 and then right a cross the street, there was a bar/ restaurant. The town is called Ash Medow.

Wish i had taken that picture in the dark when we arrived, that was a true Twilight Zone moment. 🙂
But the people were nice, and friendly.

So today the plan was to see Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.
We started out by Going to Hoover Dam, on our way over there we passed Area 51, we did not see anything though, the area is pretty closed to public, but the whole desert thing is very cool, its so warm, and there`s sand and dry plants and cactus everywhere..

Finally we arrived at Hoover Dam.. What can i say.
Im happy i saw it, its a huge thing, the water looked good.. 😉

After that we headed out to Grand Canyon, they have this thing called The Skywalk, where you can walk over some part of the Canyon on a glass.
Holy moly that was fun.. It was a little scary to look down at first, but it was a challange and a good one, before i knew, i was walking back and forth over there a real daredevil.. 😉 hehe
But unfortunaly, we were not allowed to take pictures at that bridge, they`ve sold the place pretty good, everything costs over there, so if you wanted pictures of that bridge, you had to cough up some greens.

So i took some pictures where i could, where it didnt cost me an arm and half a leg… 😉

It was indescribable the view over the Canyon, if i ever fel tclose to God, it was there.. Definitely worth the trip.

We were to late to get to the helicopter ride in the Canyon, that was kinda bummer, would have loved that, a little pricey but would have been worth it i think..
Oh well, i guess i have to return one day wont i  🙂

I didnt expect that Grand Canyon was so spectacular but im happy i went to see it, im so wrapped up in beeing a backpacker, hold on to my money and so on that i was thinking to myself, that Grand Canyon was just another turistie thing that would feel like i´ve alreday been there because of all the moveis i´ve seen, and to pricey, but wow, im happy i went

After the Canyon we headed out for LA, thats our next stop, but decied we would stop at some motel to get some sleep, we´re to tierd to drive more after today.
So we stopped at a gas station where i started talking to the staff, see if they could reccomend some motel on the way out to LA.

Im telling you, if people are as sweet and polite all over the world as Americans are, trust me, there wont be a moment where i will feel alone on my travels. 😉
One of the girls i spoke to comes from Mexico, and one of the guy over there has been over 20 times in Mexico, so they both said the same thing to me when i told them about my travels..
Do NOT  leave Mexico City Airport, take a flight to another part of the country.. Do not tell anybody you´re travelling alone, basicly, dont stay there at all.. Its not the safest place to be at these days.

Huummm.. apperiantly Mexico City is absolutely not save to travel in right now, its been extreme lately.
And when one of the locals from there tell me to avoid Mexico city, i will do so.
I got some scary stories of people she knows and knew that had some serious difficulties and dangerous experiences over there, so im planning on flying there and then buying my ticket to Cancun from  Mexico City same day, my plan was´nt to stay in Mexico City that long anyways, so its ok 🙂

Ill see the save places insted, Cancun, where ill take my dive license and Acapulco 😉

Well, people, off to sleep now, busy day tomorrow, off to LA. 🙂 Goodnight from somewhere in Nevada.

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2 Responses to Cruzing through Nevada and Arizona

  1. Helga María says:

    Vá, hvað þetta er mikið snilldarævintýri hjá þér! I love your blog 🙂

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