Leaving Las Vegas

My last night/morning in Vegas, ill be leaving after few hours now.
Its been hectic, but fun.
I hear people often say that few days in Vegas is enough, then you´re going to want to change the sener. I did´nt experience that, if i could i would have stayed here for at least one more week 😉

But i´ve been busy, almost to busy to see anything..
Ive been busy helping my coatch and friend Helle for Miss Olympia.. Boy , its been nerve wrecking.
She didnt get into the top 6, but she did a hell of a good job at my opinion.
Not everybody gets to compete at Olympia, its an great honor, and the competition is fierce.
But im looking forward to seeing her on the Olympia stage again, kicking some serious butt 😉

Ava Cowan has been one of my favorite figure fitness girls since forever, it was so weird to see her all of a sudden up close and personal.. This has been an wild experience.

And of course the battle between Phil  Heath and Jay Cutler, and what a worthy opponent Jay got there

So my thursday friday and saturday went in seeing and working at olympia..  Not to shabby i might add 😉 So today i went and took a walk down the strip.. Im the worst girl ever to take out shopping these days, went to an outlet with my friend the other day, a huge outlet i might add, they had everything over there.

We spent good three hours there, i came out of the thing with one tank top!!! how lame is that for a girl.. 🙂

Guess the backpacker life is growing on me, just know how hard its going to be to drag along heavy backpack if i buy to much stuff.

But the strip.. my god, pictures say more then words sometimes, so ill throw one in

Yep folks, this is just a small part of the strip, its huge though, and so much to see.

Funny i can actually say that ive  been to Las Vegas without gambling or drinking 😉 how cool is that!..

We ended the night by going out to a show with cirque Soleil. What a show, this is the second time i see them, saw them in DK also, and i can highly recommend them.

Later on we took to this crazy thrill ride tower. The rides are all on the roof top of an hotel its on the 112 th floor. its 909. Ft .up!.. insane!!

I met up with friends from Denmark and we had a blast,it was so nice to see some friends along my trip.  i took some pictures of the roof top

So tomorrow ill be leaving the glamour city Las Vegas, its been a blast 😉

Have to end this blog by putting in photos of one of my idols, the man himself, Mr. Dennis James 🙂


Going on the road after few hours, ill keep you posted 😉

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4 Responses to Leaving Las Vegas

  1. Helga María says:

    Glad to see you were able to see some people that inspire you 🙂 But you forgot to tell us where you are going next!

    • vedisfonn says:

      Its not planned precisly, but im driving from here to LA and am planning on stopping on some hotels on the way, Gran canion, Hover daam and so on, ill keep you posted, promise 😉 hugs

  2. Lene Wakefield says:

    Hvor lyder det bare som en cool by. Må helt klart se den engang. Fedt du fik taget billeder med mister James 😉 kan du have en fortsat god tur tøs

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