San Francisco and Vegas baby :-)

Well, the reason why i havent written any blogg since i got to San Francisco is, i was having TO much fun 🙂
Nothing like having good travel partner and meeting up with people that are cool to hang out with 😉

So we arrived in San Francisco last Monday where Christian picked us up and drove us to his place, he lives in the heart of San Francisco and was kind enough to let us stay at his place.
That guy is so lucky with his appartment, this is the view from his window

We started our trip in the city by hiking, walked around the place and saw some cool interesting streets, they have steep hills all over the place and the cutest buildings, the houses all look like doll houses for grown ups 🙂

And of course the rails we´ve all seen in the moveis 🙂

And of course the city itself San Francisco is beautiful

On the Tuesday we rented a car and drove a little bit out of San Francisco to Santa Cruz.. 🙂
Yep, people, that is definitely my kind of a place, im the beach sunny kinda girl, and thats exactly what Santa Cruz is.

They´ve got it all, the beach,the pier, sea lions, seagulls, the sun, the people 🙂 a perfect little place to be at

We didnt get to see or go to all the places we had planned for, for example Alcatraz. :-/ but like i said, three days arent enough, this means i have to come back one day…  oh well !!  😉

But we did see Golden Gate Bridge, and Redwoods forrest where they have ancient trees and magnificent nature.

But i would definitely love to come back one day and experience the laid back hippie kinda, relaxed atmosphere that San Francisco has to offer .

Right now i am in Vegas, just arrived for few hours ago, it didnt go that well to get over here though.
We had a flight 9 o clock this morning but because of 9/11 the airport security is more strict then usual, so arriving almost three hours earlyer, hoping we had enough time.. We were SO mistaken.. :-/
We spent so much time just getting through that gate, that we missed our flight and had to wait almost seven hours until we got another flight to Vegas, but we are here now and thats the most important thing 😉

Strange to be here, at last.
I know i said this about New York but Las Vegas.. Boy oh boy that is a happening and very much ALIVE town to be at
Everything is so BIG.. The Lights, the houses, the Casinos, the hotels, the streets, the cars and some of the people.. 😉
Im loving this place

And now im here, im in Vegas about to experience Olympia 🙂
That has been a dream of mine for years to see that .
I came here now, mainly because of my coatch and friend Helle who is compeating in Miss Olympia, im going to do her hair and make up so she´ll be ready for the scene tomorrow..

Its nerve wracking and exciting at the same time, im looking forward to see the show and see her compeat, she will defenatly take one of the top places, first or second 😉

So funny, bodybuilding and fitness is my other passion and obsession, i feel so inspired by all the athletes and this whole Olympia thing.
Regularly i get tierd and i go away from my sport, but i keep coming back, or more like an addict that cant kick the habit 😉
Guess i just have to come to terms with, that this is a part of me and my life, like a relationship, youre either in all the way or youre out, stop going back and forth and embrace it, enjoy it 🙂
But right now, thats what im doing, going with the flow and enjoying it.
I´ll stop for now, have to get up in about four hours to do hair 😉
I´ll keep you posted tomorrow about Olympia ..
I´ll throw in one more pic, its becoming my personal joke, i love starbucks, im buying coffee´s there every day ( backpacker budget style ) 😉 and my name could not be more Icelandic, so when i say Vedis, this is what the Americans hear … I give you all … Beatrice.. 🙂 hehe

Good night you all 😉

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