San Fran, im on my way

Im on a plane right now on my way to San Francisco 🙂 using my computer on board!!!  Technology these days, amazing.

Didnt do all those things i was going to do yesterday, like going to Ground Zero.. It was impossible anyways, only families of the fallen ones were invited to the ceremony itself, but i saw alot of it on tv.. What an invent, it was very mooving, the names of the fallen ones were read up, there were over two thousand names, it was very emotional and i thought the ceremony itself was beautiful.

You could feel New York was in sorrow, such a tragedy 9.11 was/is. We did take the subway alot and there was police all over the place, and all kinds of slogans put up for people to read like ” if you see something, say something”..

Otherwise, got to see Rockefeller Center..
What a view one can get from there over the city.. Wow, thats all i can say 😉

Did a stroll through Central Park and walked around Times Square, i never get tierd of that part of the city 😉

Bumped into another actor,  told you i would 😉
Dont remember his name though, hes one of these rising stars, hes been in some teen moveis and i have seen him in something but dont remember in what , but ill throw in a photo of him and we’ll see who’ll recognize him, theres a little Black Jack over him.

I got so drained from energy yesterday that i decided that Ground Zero and a stroll over Brooklyn Bridge during night would have to wait for ” the next time ”  yep folks, this gal is definitely coming back one day, and spending more then three days here next time.
New years eve in New York does have a ring to it, doesnt it!..  But ill probably be in South America at that point, not to shabby for miss V .. 😉

But right now,im  on my way to San Francicso, the happening place to be at, or so i hear. Ive heard its the most European American city in the US.. hmmm… why am i going there then!!  😉 no, im looking forward to seeing it, experiencing it.

Have songs like,” If youre going to San Francisco# stuck on my mind. 🙂

Well folks, this tierd drained from energy because she-had – so – much – to – do  – before she left DK and Iceland traveller, is going to sleep on the plane, ill write from the city of joy soon 😉

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