New York, New York

I am in love with this city.
This time around, i’ve fallen for it, the energetic alive city, the people, the streets.. Everything.

Only been here for two days so far done, ALOT..
Of course seen Times Square, when i stood there it felt like i had been there so many times before, all those moveis i’ve seen make it real

So far done, seen a comedy show that was pretty good, went yesterday hiking through Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown , saw The Lion King show on Broadway, which was really good, they really know how to make a show over here .
And of course, Empire State building

a picture taken last night from the top of Empire State Building 😉

Also seen my first movei star here already 🙂
Was walking through a park in Soho, minding my own buisness and ran into this beautiful readhed
Julianne Moore, so beautiful in person.
They were shooting  a film, it surprised me really how much people were allowed to hang around the set, but they were filming in a park, guess they could’nt stop people from “hanging” around 😉 lucky me
I dont know what it is about me, i always run into the famous people, not my first time, hardly my last one either.

Otherwise, been kind of strange taking the subway, there’s been terrorist threat here linked to 9.11.  Police is everywhere, but other then that i think things are just as normal around here as usual… Hectic 24/7.

Its a big day tomorrow im going to Ground Zero, they’re having a memorial ceremony. think it will be a big experience to be there at that time.

Also already found a gym nearby, really friendly place where people say Hi without knowing you and are very friendly, but thats how most Americans are 😉 friendly and likeable people.. And VERY service minded, something we all could learn something from..

On the schedule so far, today and tomorrow left, then flying to San Francisco monday morning,
Today, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero. Tomorrow, a walk down Brooklyn bridge, a boat trip to Ellis Island, statue of liberty.. thats pretty much it 🙂
For now over and out

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6 Responses to New York, New York

  1. Helga María says:

    Knús til þín skvís! Líst vel á ykkur að drífa ykkur á Lion King, eitthvað sem maður verður að gera… að prófa fara á alvöru sýningu á Broadway 🙂

  2. Hello, have massive fun 🙂 Mndu bara ad labba yfir Brooklyn Brige ad sunsetor rise….. Eykur Váv faktorinn til muna 🙂

  3. Soley says:

    Wow! Hljomar bara yndislegt Vedisin min 🙂 verdur orugglega magnad fyrir tig ad vera vid Ground zero vid minningarathofnina! Sakna tin! Knus Soley

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