Now there are only two days until my trip oficially starts.
Am so excited about it, could not be more happy.
For the last two weeks, ive been waiting. Feels like hanging around waiting for something that is never coming and then finally, im off.

My first stop Iceland. My birth country, back to my roots.
The sad thing is i only have 6 days, but they will be used wisely 😉
I still think its the most beautiful country ive been to, but now i will get the opportunity to change my mind.. Lets see if it still holds its first place over the most breathtaking spectacular Island in the world in my books.
I will be starting my trip at my grandmas place, where i spent most of my childhood and teenage years growing up.

Its a small village in the westfjords Called Patreksfjörður. Population around 900… 🙂
But what a beautiful landscape, i always enjoy driving up there because the senery just takes my breath away
Ill only be stoppin there for short 2 days and then im off to the sin city Reykjavík
Where i will get the oppurtunity to hug my family and say good bye for the next year.. That is so strange, a whole year away from them. But what an adventure, am really looking forward to it.
Also appealing to me not having identity,or the responsibilitys at home . Where people have no “stamps” or nobody is expecting anything from you other then to just be…
Where you are not looked up on as “the hairdresser” or the girl that trains alot, or nothing like that.
Beeing able to show up in some foreign country, where you dont know anybody, nobody knows you and nobody expects nothing from you, you can make your own identity.
Or better yet, where that kind of stuff doesnt matter, at all, where you have the chanse to start over every day, or at least in every country you go to. 😉
That gives one the oppurtunity to make the best of every day you have, be the best version of yourself, do good things for others and your identity will shine through, in more important ways then what people see on the outside.
That to me is an appealing way to live, mix in to other cultures, others way of living, beeing, exsisting, Where nothing maters other then having food on the table today and beeing happy with life as it is.
Ill keep you posted from Iceland, and i will miss Danmark and my great friends and people i know here, and ill be leaving some bits of my herat here, but hey! one year goes by so fast 😉

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4 Responses to Iceland.

  1. Helga María says:

    Þetta er svo spennandi hjá þér skvís! Flottur pistill og ég hlakka til að sjá þig á klakanum fyrir stóru ferðina 🙂

  2. tina says:

    Hej Vedis.

    Jeg ønsker alt det bedste for dig og jeg vil følge dig over hele kloden. Jeg håber du får denne drøm som du har haft i så mange år fuldført til perfektion.

    Glæder mig til at hører om det når du engang lander i KBH igen.

    Mange knuser tina.

    Ps. pas nu på dig selv

    • vedisfonn says:

      Tak Tina pigen
      Kommer osse til at holde øje med dig, når du nu SPARKER røv til DM.. 😉 og med dine mål og drømmer.

      Vi ses næste år
      Skal nok pas på mig selv 😉

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