Make your dreams happen!

I met with an old friend yesterday from Iceland, we have known each other for 23 years, it was wonderful seeing her again.
She said something though that striked me, she said i was one of the few persons she knew in life, that made her dreams come true..
What a compliment.

People are often good at talking the talk, but sheldom good at walking the walk 😉
While ive noticed ever since i decided to go on this worldtrip, hiking around the globe for a whole year, alone, that many react weirdly about it,
asking all kind of questions like : Are you really going all ALONE!…
Well, let me see, there are thousunds of hundreds of backpackers travelling around the globe ALL the time.. How lonley can it get! 🙂 and, my personal favorite : Wow, a whole year without working, travelling.. You must have saved up for a long time!.. Well, i must have, havent i , otherwise it would be hard to do that, plus i attend to work a little bit on my travels
And : What if this and what if that, What if you get sick!.. I guess i have to cross that bridge when i get there, IF that happens..
The thing is i dont know what will happen, i dont know how it will be, but i know that im going to to my best to explore as much as possible during that year, im going to meet alot of new, interesting people from all around the world, i am going to embrace every opportunity and challange and enjoy myself, because this is a life long dream coming true..

I feel lucky, privileged.. But i made this happen for myself, by decisions ive made.
What i mean by that is, ever since i was a kid, ive watched the globe and wondered and dreamt about places, countrys and citys ive wanted to see, and spoke about how much i wanted to see the world, and my mom used to say to me, alot actually : Its free to dream, it costs nothing.. 🙂
Well, my dreams are coming true, they are happening, 31 years old and finally, on my way to explore the globe.
What ive learned so far is, Dont let people tell you what you can and cant do, ” You are your own maker ” And dont let anything stop you from doing, or going where you want to in life, including your own head.. 😉
That people, was the pep talk for today , two weeks and two days today, then im going from Dk off for my travels
Ill keep you posted 🙂

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4 Responses to Make your dreams happen!

  1. Josefa says:

    Good luck Vedis. You know what..You are not alone, God is always with you! I wish you the best!

  2. Frúsaga says:

    Go girl! Ég dáist að þér, flesta dreymi um að skoða heiminn en margir láta aldrei verða af því.
    Þú ert ein duglegasta og óttalausasta manneskja sem ég þekki. Knús til þín. x

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