Change of plans! Mexico, Cities of gods.

A little update..
Today is only 38 days until i leave for my trip.
A little bit over 5 weeks!.. :-/ Witch is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, but im more excited then something else 🙂
Just bought my ticket out of USA  to Mexico city 🙂 The City of gods.
So am looking forward to experince Mexico, will be travelling a little bit there, not totally decided where yet, but defenatly Mexico city and Acapulco 🙂 Thats mainly because of theire diving locations. im taking my dive training there, heard there are completely wonderful dive locations there, have to check that out 😉

But had to buy a ticket out of USA otherwise they wont let you into the country, so the 24 th of September, ill be heading off to Mexico 😉
My plans have changed a little bit.. Im skipping New Zealand and doing South America instead.
Figured, saw New Zealand last year and have never been to South America.
So far, only planned on going to Brazil 🙂
I have from September the 24 th to the start of January to see, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Fiji.. so 14 and a half weeks.. thats do-able.
Want to spend three weeks at least on Fiji because of theyre diving locations, alreaddy spotted out two places on Fiji i want to stay at where there are great big turtles and sharks.. 🙂

I wont tell my mom the little detail about swimming with sharks until AFTER my trip.. 😉 hehe

Well, thats it for now, time to sleep, and dream about diving.

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3 Responses to Change of plans! Mexico, Cities of gods.

  1. Kata Keflavík says:

    Oh, Hvað ég er að öfunda þig Védis… Þetta er yndislegt líf að flakka með Bakpokann. Á milli Mexico og Guatemala er land sem heitir Belize, stórhættuleg borginn en ég mæli með eyju þar sem heitir Caye Caulker, þar er The Great blue hole sem hægt er að kafa í. Guatemala er uppáhalds landið sem ég hef skoðað hingað til, mæli með Lago de Atitlán og Mexico Luuuuvit 😉
    Áfram Védís & Njóttu Njóttu Njóttu !!!

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