Bornholm, the sunny island

Decided that its about time to update a little bit, although my trip hasent officially started, then the preparation is full on.
I did a small trip last weekend to a Danish Island called Bornholm, i did a hiking trip thats supposed to take 3 days, but i only did two, 125 km in 3 days… Thats insane 🙂

But it was beautiful senery, such a powerfull nature, reminded me e little bit of some parts of New Zealand.
The hiking was such a challange, didnt think it would be that difficult, but i have never wallked around 100 km in two days, so im pretty proud of myself, always up for a challange 🙂 Especially when it started raining on saturday.. And this is what they call the sunny Island Bornholm. 😉
Just bought my first Lonley Planet book of the trip, Guatemala, my first long stop on the way.
Very excited about it.

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2 Responses to Bornholm, the sunny island

  1. sigurdur snæfell sigurdsson says:

    Flott ferð hjá okkur gaman að hafa þig með i för stort knus siggi

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