Out into the wild… Horsens :)

Did a little trip yesterday, maybe not very far from Copenhagen, not even away from Danmark, but to a town called Horsens witch is in East Jutland, a little three hour train ride from Copenhagen. Went there with an Icelandic friend of mine to a Bon Jovi consert 🙂

What an experience, he is still a true rock and roller and a great  singer.

Tomorrow will also be an exciting day, its the day of buying my very
own, my first backpack. its going to be my second skin for a whole year, it is going through the whole trip with me, in all kind of weathers and experiences, backpack and some Veta shoes for walking.

Am so excited, the trip is soon.. June, Juli August, then im off 😉

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2 Responses to Out into the wild… Horsens :)

  1. Ragga Nagli says:

    What an experience!! Jon Bon Jovi still got it for sure 🙂 Look forward to follow your journey here on these pages min tøs 🙂

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